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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I select a headstone?
    First it is important to understand what is allowed at the cemetery that your loved one is interned. Information may include size, color and material of the Headstone. Once you have this information, call and schedule an appoint with us or stop in and we will get your started on a selection.
  • What happens if I need to change my order?
    Contact Us immediately with any changes that you require. Please note that any change to the order may result in an additional fee. The cost of the fee depends on the status of your order and may range up to the total cost of the order.
  • Does the cemetery need to approve the Headstone?
    Most cemeteries adhere to certain specifications that may include size, color and material of the Headstone. You should always check with your cemetery before placing an order.
  • Can I see what my Headstone will look like before I place the order?
    Yes. Before your headstone goes to production, we will send you a mock-up of the headstone to get your approval. Once you approve, the headstone will go to production. Once in production, no changed can be made to the headstone.
  • Do Flat Granite Headstones include a base?
    No. Bases are not included in the price of the headstone. There is an additional charge for headstones. Contact the showroom for more information.
  • Is design work included with cost of headstone?
    Yes. The design, lettering and delivery to the cemetery is included with the cost of the headstone. The installation fee is not included and will be a seperate charge. This charge is based off the cemetery where the headstone will be delivered.
  • Does it cost to have my headstone installed at the cemetery?
    Yes. Each cemetery has different requirments and pricing. Once we know the cemetery where your marker will be delivered, we can tell you the additonal cost for the installation.
  • Whats the difference between Sandblasting and Laser Etching?
    There is a difference between sandblasting and laser etching. Sandblasting is more of a manual process and limits how creative you can be with your marker. On the other hand, laser etching allows you to be more creative when designing and allows for more flexiblity.
  • Can I add a picture to the headstone?
    Yes. If the marker is sandblasted you can add a porcelain picture to the headstone. There is an additional cost of $375 for the picture and it comes with a life time warranty. If your buying a laser etched marker, you can put up to four (4) pictures. On laser the pictures are included in the cost of the headestone.
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