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Enduring Memories

How to Select a Headstone

Follow the steps below to select a headstone:

  1. Contact the Cemetery or Memorial Park where your family member is located and identify what type of headstone is allowed on his/her grave, also get the (Section, Lot, Grave Number and next of kin on file)
  2. State gathering Pictures, Obituaries, and other information that will be used to design your headstone or monument. 
  3. Schedule an appointment or come to the showroom to look at options and to start the process. Bring the items from Step 2.
  4. Select a Headstone or Monument based on the information provided to you in Step 1 from the cemetery or memorial park.
  5. Our Representative will sketch out what you want on the headstone, show you the different options, and review other information you want on the headstone.
  6. Start contract and make payment to get the process started.
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